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Version 2 Forcing for Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (CORE)

Datasets on this page are sponsored by the CLIVAR Working Group for Ocean Model Development (WGOMD) for use in their Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (CORE). There are datasets just for the interannually varying forcing (IAF), as developed by Large and Yeager (2008) at NCAR. The datasets are Version 2 of the CORE-IAF. This web page is maintained by GFDL scientists in collaboration with NCAR for use by the international modeling community.


Support Code

Support data

Corrected Inter-Annual Forcing Version 2.0 (CIAF)

un-Corrected Inter-Annual Forcing Version 2.0 (unCIAF)

Corrected Normal Year Forcing Version 2.0 (CNYF)

un-Corrected Normal Year Forcing Version 2.0 (unCNYF)

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