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Version 2 un-Corrected Inter-Annual Forcing (unCIAF.v2)

This dataset provides the uncorrected years 1958-2007 of the CORE interannually varying forcing for ocean-ice models. Corrections are to be applied via the algorithms discussed in the release notes.

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A. This dataset was placed here on 27MAY2008.
B. The following datasets had bugs in the lat-lon grid information and were corrected and replaced on 05JAN2009. The radiation data is unchanged: , , , , ,
C. The datasets are extended to 1948 and put here on 15JUNE2009.
D. The datasets are extended by one year to 2007 and put here on 03DEC2009.
E. 12Feb2010: all data for years 1948-2007 are updated to account for new versions of the "uncorrected" dataset provided by NCAR.
F. 05Apr2010: Some 2007 datasets (dn, prec, q_10, slp_, t_10) are updated due to a bug in sea level pressure reanalysis for year 2007.
G. 06Jun2011: Some 2005 datasets (dn, q_10, slp_, t_10, u_10, v_10) are updated due to a bug for year 2005. The date array was discovered to be non-monotonic.
H. 27Jan2012: Added the links for Runoff datasets from CNYF, IAF and 12 month climatology to this page for convenience. These are the same files that appear in CIAF_v2.html.
G. 23OCT2012: Added datasets (dn10, prec, lwdn, swdn, swup, q_10, slp_, t_10, u_10, v_10) for 2008 and 2009

Runoff dataset from CNYF

Runoff dataset from IAF

Runoff dataset from 12 month climatology

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