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Support Data

The salinity dataset included here may be of use for experiments where surface salinity is restored. There are no differences between the salinity datasets for COREv1 and COREv2. See release notes for further explanation of these files.

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A. 27MAY2008. Files were originally placed here on 27MAY2008.
B. 10FEB2011. The air temperature factors used for updates in 1997-2004 t_10 IAF datasets are placed here on 10FEB20111 in below.
C. 26JAN2012: CFC forcing data made available.
D. 28FEB2013: File has been added. This file is needed for those running CORE river forcing using NCAR CESM code. For this purpose, the user should extract the variable 'arear' from the file and merge it into



data sets
CORE.2 Global Air-Sea Flux Dataset from NCAR

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