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Corrected Inter-Annual Forcing (CIAF) Version 2.0

This dataset provides years 1948-2007 interannual forcing for ocean-ice simulations. Details are provided in the Large and Yeager (2008) report.

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A. This dataset was originally placed here on 27MAY2008.
B. Updated all datasets on 8July2008 to correct the following: (a) bug in air temperature corrected data, which also affected corrected precipitation data; (b) time axes on all data files, to better correspond to standard netCDF file conventions and to more easily meld the files together for a long run; (c) presentation of merged files containing all years.
C. The datasets,,, were upadetd on 5MARCH2009 to correct a bug in their generation from the uncorrected datasets. The bug arose from problems with the lat-lon values in the original file, which in turn impacted the corrected radiation values.
D. The datasets are extended to 1948 and put here on 15JUNE2009. The meta-data information for the time axis was modified for ALL files to have a time origin at 1948 rather than the original 1958.
E. The datasets are extended by one year to 2007 and put here on 03DEC2009.
F. Added one missing file on 22DEC2009.
G. 12Feb2010: all data for years 1948-2007 are updated to account for new versions of the "uncorrected" dataset provided by NCAR. Also, metadata information added with physical dimensions of the fields.
H. 04March2010: The corrected IAF data for combined years had bug fix for a discontinous time axis. The bug was corrected and the data updated on March 4, 2010.
I. 05April2010: (A) Bug fix for the year 2007 sea level pressure, which resulted in modifications to other atmospheric forcing fields for 2007. (B) Corrections/additions made for meta-information (grids and calendars) for certain of the fields and scripts used to make the NCAR corrections.
J. 10FEB2011: Updated t_10 data for years 1997-2004
K. 10FEB2011: Added seasonal and interannual runoff
L. 06JUN2011: Year 2005 datasets are updated due to a bug. The date array was discovered to be non-monotonic. The combined year datasets are also corrected to include this fix for 2005.
M. 15FEB2012: Corrected the typo in the timestamps in t_10 filenames for years 1997-2004 (from 10FEB1011 to 10FEB2011)
N. 23OCT2012: Added new datasets for years 2008 and 2009 and updated the combuined years datasets.

Runoff dataset from CNYF

Runoff dataset from IAF

Runoff dataset from 12 month climatology

Combined years data sets. These data files are larger than 2GB!

ncar_rad data sets      

ncar_precip data sets      

q_10 data sets      

slp data sets      

t_10 data sets      

u_10 data sets      

v_10 data sets      
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