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Support code for CORE datasets

This web page contains support code of use for setting up and running ocean-ice simulations using the Large and Yeager (2004) datasets for WGOMD-CORE.

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A. This code was placed here on 03AUG2004.
B. These files contained a bug that was identified 21AUG2004. The correction for Jan t_10 was originally -0.49C and it should have been 0.49C. New code and new t_10 data has been placed on this web page 30AUG2004, with previous code file name added suffix '_bug' and placed under the directory "surport code on 03AUG2004".
C. advance.F90 was added here on 30AUG2004.
D. A bug was found in ncar_ocean_fluxes.f90 by Ian Culverwell at the British Met Office. In line 67, the expression for u10 spuriously contained a multiply rather than a divide. We were incorrectly (following L&Y earlier version) using the reciprocal of the correction factor applied to the reference level wind to get the 10m neutral wind. Since the data is actually specified at 10m and ocean conditions tend to be near neutral, this factor is expected to be near 1 and the correction should have a small impact. This bug was corrected on this web page on 02SEP2004. The previous code file name added suffix '_bug' and placed under the directory "surport code on 03AUG2004".
E. It was found that make_data_CNYF.csh and make_data_CIAF.csh do not write out units for every corrected forcing data. The problem was corrected on this web page on 17DEC2004. The previous file added suffix '.2004_12_17' and placed under the directory "surported code on 30AUG2004".
F. The file ncar_ocean_fluxes.f90 was updated on 1Aug2007 to correct a bug in the calculation of the exchange coefficients "ce" and "ch". The bug was identified by Laurent Brodeau ( and confirmed to have been a bug by Bill Large. A document bug_ncar_fluxes.pdf describes the problem.


support Code on 02SEP2004


support Code on 30AUG2004


support Code on 03AUG2004

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