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Corrected Normal Year Forcing Version 1.0 (CNYF_1p0)

This dataset provides one normal year of forcing for ocean-ice simulations. Details are provided in the Large and Yeager (2004) report.

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A. This dataset was originally placed here on 03AUG2004.
B. Names of files were changed on 19AUG2004 to be more self-consistent, however no data was changed.
C. Bug in the code used to generate the January values for was found on 30AUG2004. file has been updated, with previous file renamed and moved under the directory "data sets on 03AUG2004". Tests at GFDL reveal minimal changes in model simulation.
D. was added here on 30NOV2004.
E. was moved to support data on 06DEC2004.
F. Added attribute "units" to all the corected forcing data fields on 17DEC2004.


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data sets on 03AUG2004

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