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Version 1 Forcing for Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (CORE)

Datasets on this page are sponsored by the Clivar Working Group for Ocean Model Development (WGOMD) for use in their Coordinated Ocean-ice Reference Experiments (CORE). There are both normal year data and interannual data, each developed by Large and Yeager (2004) at NCAR. The datasets here are version 1, initially released in 2004. This web page is maintained by GFDL scientists in collaboration with NCAR for use by the international modeling community.


Support Code

Support data

Corrected Normal Year Forcing Version 1.0 (CNYF_1p0)

Corrected Inter-Annual Forcing Version 1.0 (CIAF_1p0)

un-Corrected Normal Year Forcing (unCNYF)

un-Corrected Inter-Annual Forcing (unCIAF)

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