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IPCC ar5 Variables in Curator

[NOAA bullet]summary of available IPCC AR5 variables in Curator

List of data tables:

The table names listed below are consistent with those of the IPCC Standard Output tables provided

Table Amon: Monthly Mean Atmospheric Fields and Some Surface Fields
Table aero Monthly Mean Aerosol-Related Fields
Table cfDay: CFMIP Daily-Mean Cloud Diagnostic Fields
Table cfMon: CFMIP Monthly-Mean Cloud Diagnostic Fields
Table cfOff: CFMIP monthly offline" Cloud Diagnostic Fields
Table cfSites: CFMIP high frequency Cloud Diagnostic Fields
Table cf3hr: CFMIP 3-Hourly Cloud Diagnostic Fields
Table day: Daily Mean Atmosphere, Ocean and Surface Fields
Table fx: Time-Invariant Fields
Table LImon: Monthly Mean Land Cryosphere Fields
Table Lmon: Monthly Mean Land Fields, Including Physical, Vegetation, Soil, and Biogeochemical Variables
Table Oclim: Monthly Mean Ocean Climatalogy Fields
Table GOLD Oclim: GOLD Monthly Mean Ocean Climatalogy Fields
Table OImon: Monthly Mean Ocean Cryosphere Fields
Table Omon: Monthly Mean Ocean Fields, Including Biogeochemical Fields
Table GOLD Omon: GOLD Monthly Mean Ocean Fields
Table Oyr: Annual Mean Ocean Fields, Including Biogeochemical Fields
Table 3hr: 2-D Atmospheric and Surface Fields Sampled Every 3 Hours
Table 6hrLev: Fields (Sampled Every 6 Hours) for Driving Regional Models
Table 6hrPlev: Fields (Sampled Every 6 Hours) for Storm-Track Analysis and other Advanced Diagnostic Applications
Problematic Variables: Issues with IPCC variables are addressed here.

last modified: November 13 2012.