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2013 GFDL Hurricane Model Ensemble
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GFDL ensemble forecast for TEN10L on 2013091306

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Combined track and intensity

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Wind speed probabilities

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Integrated Kinetic Energy and Surge Destructive Potential

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Radius of maximum wind

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34-, 50-, and 64-kt wind radii

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Cyclone phase space

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Precipitation amount probabilities

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Disclaimer: These are experimental research products and are not intended to replace the official forecasts issued by the National Hurricane Center and/or National Weather Service.

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October 2, 2013:
NHC Best Track overlaid on GFDL ensemble track and intensity plots
--- Available in the "Track", "Intensity (Vmax)", "Intensity (Vmax and min SLP)", and "Min sea-level pressure" tabs in the "Track and intensity" section
--- Best Track plots updated every 6 hours (around 01, 07, 13, and 19 GMT)
--- You may need to refresh your browser window to view latest Best Track data

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