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metadata: CM2.1U-D4_1PctTo2X_I1


institution attribute for all experiments institution = "NOAA GFDL (US Dept of Commerce / NOAA / Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Princeton, NJ, USA)" ;
source attribute for all experiments source = "GFDL_CM2.1 (2004): atmosphere: AM2.1 (am2p13fv, M45L24); ocean: OM3.1 (mom4p1p7_om3p5, tripolar360x200L50); sea ice: SIS; land: LM2; infrastructure: FMS preK release" ;
contact attribute for all experiments contact = "" ;
project_id attribute for all experiments project_id = "IPCC Fourth Assessment and US CCSP Projects" ;
references attribute for all experiments references = "The GFDL Data Portal ( provides access to NOAA/GFDL\'s publicly available model input and output data sets. From this web site one can view and download data sets and documentation, including those related to the GFDL CM2.1 model experiments run for the IPCC\'s 4th Assessment Report and the US CCSP." ;
attributes for individual experiment
1%to2x (run1)
title = "GFDL CM2.1, 1%to2x (run1) 1%/year CO2 increase experiment (to doubling) output for IPCC AR4 and US CCSP" ;
comment = "GFDL experiment name = CM2.1U-D4_1PctTo2X_I1. PCMDI experiment name = 1%to2x (run1). Initial conditions for this experiment were taken from 1 January of year 1 of the 1860 control model experiment named CM2.1U_Control-1860_D4. In the CM2.1U-D4_1PctTo2X_I1 experiment atmospheric CO2 levels were prescribed to increase from their initial mixing ratio level of 286.05 ppmv at a compounded rate of +1 percent per year until year 70 (the point of doubling). CO2 levels were held constant at 572.11 ppmv from year 71 through the end of the 220 year long experiment. For the entire 220 year duration of the experiment, all non-CO2 forcing agents (CH4, N2O, halons, tropospheric and stratospheric O3, tropospheric sulfates, black and organic carbon, dust, sea salt, solar irradiance, and the distribution of land cover types) were held constant at values representative of year 1860." ;
realization = 1 ;
experiment_id = "1%/year CO2 increase experiment (to doubling)" ;

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